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For a lucky entrant, Keerweder Safaris has an ongoing competition on the website ‘Rates and Fees section’ to win.

You are welcome to submit your details by entering the “Rates and Fees” section on our website and stand a chance to win.

You might be next in line to make your hunting adventure to Namibia a reality…

While our website winners are chosen by no more sophisticated method than drawing a name from a hat – getting to know our winners proved to be more than meets the eye.

Faced by daily real world internet fraud, threats, phishing, hacking and other terms that can cause us harm, our winners decided to trust this as a legit competition.

They dare to get on an airplane and fly halfway around the world - Arrival: Windhoek Airport, Country: Namibia, Continent: Africa – to take up their prize at Keerweder Hunting Safaris.

To all our previous winners: It takes trust, guts and a little bit of crazy I bet :-) , but thank you for visiting us and validating this competition.

Technology has brought about a total change in our lives probably not all for the better. But for us at Keerweder Safaris it has established a connection with fellow hunters all over the world which is a true blessing!

We hope you will continue entering our website rates and fees competition. We cannot wait to greet you on Namibian soil soon!