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Jason  Alberts
From: USA
Year: 2010

This was my first trip to Africa and Keerweder made it a trip and hunt of a lifetime! I will be coming back as soon as I can!

Hunting in Namibia, Africa starts here

Plains game hunting in Namibia
Custom-tailored tours in Namibia
Shorter excursions for shopping or sightseeing
Insight into the daily lives of Namibian traditions
Solar heated outdoor pool
Daily laundry service
Breakfast buffet
Two-course dinner 
Outdoor barbeques 
Savouring the varieties of game meats hunted
Soft drinks, juice, coffee and tea
Complementary alcoholic drinks
Table wine
Return Transfer from Windhoek Airport 
to Keerweder Hunting Safaris
Transport during hunt
Bank Transfer through SWIFT system
or cash (in USD, EURO or NAD)
Namibia as your chosen hunting destination is like finding a rare gemstone, it has all the characteristics to lure and attract visitors again and again. Abundance of sunshine, scenic beauty and wildlife, a rich ethnic diversity, low population density, cultural heritage and outstanding cuisine are but a few of those elements that add to the majestic beauty of our country. We welcome you to a hunting and photographic experience of a lifetime in Namibia!

Keerweder Safaris is family-owned in an effort to preserve the land as a hunting destination for many years to come.

Master hunting guide Brian Miller and wife Ina, have been operating as a hunting outfitter since 1990 with the focus on tailored hunts to our guests` comfort within an enjoyable family environment.

Master hunting guide Bennie Beukes and wife Esmarie passionately joined the Keerweder Safaris hunting operation in 2006 ensuring a new generation of hunters and subsequently an ongoing hunting and touring operation at Keerweder Safaris Namibia.

The History of Hunting in Namibia

The hunting history of Namibia is quite notable. It commenced as early as 2000 years ago when Bushmen men hunted with poison arrows and spears - often undertaking arduous excursions. The Bushmen hunters and gatherers are most likely representing one of the oldest existing populations found on earth.

Hunting in Namibia remained as a form of livelihood and during the early 1960`s private land owners made a significant decision to conduct hunts on their private land in a professional manner. This venture subsequently led to the birth of NAPHA in 1974 (Namibian Professional Hunting Association) where a strong code of hunting ethics was formed and still maintained today.

Although hunting methods have changed over years, the protection of our environment has not. The trophy hunting industry strives to promote ethical conduct, the sustainable utilization of natural resources, and to cherish the industry for current and future generations.