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Exquisite plains game hunting under the Southern Cross...

 Travel Tips

You must hold a valid passport to enter Namibia. Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into Namibia and must have at least one completely blank page for Namibian Immigration to use. Make sure of the VISA requirements for your country. A helpful link is

You should take out travel and medical insurance before travelling. Check for any exclusions, and that your policy covers you for all the activities you want to undertake.


Aside from the pollution free, healthy, sparsely populated environment, Namibia is above all - a safe country. You can expect an enjoyable and unforgettable visit.


Namibia, as one of the most arid countries in Africa has a dry climate, typical of a semi-desert country. Humidity is very low. Sunshine is abundant.

The main rainy season occurs during the summer months between January and March.

What to pack

Rifles: This is plains game hunting and the ranges can be substantial (average shooting distances are between 100 and 200 yards but up to 300 yards is not uncommon), so firearms should be chosen accordingly. Animals range in size up to eland that can exceed 1500 lbs, so an appropriate level of power should be considered
Shotguns: Many of our guests enjoy shooting sand grouse.
Bow and arrows: If that is your hunting preference
Ammunition: Forty to sixty rounds should be sufficient for most hunts. Zeros on rifles should be checked before and during the hunt to assure accurate shooting
Binoculars: The distances involved in spotting game are substantial. A 7x binocular should be considered minimal, and a 10x would be ideal
Clothing: Should be drab, fairly dark colors to blend with the brush. Warmth requirements should be in accordance with the typical temperature projected during your stay
Boots: Well-worn boots with fairly stiff soles to avoid puncture by thorns
Hats: Should shield both the face and the neck. Even in winter the sun is intense and the risk of sunburn and windburn is significant
Camera: Animal photography may require powerful telephoto lenses due to the distances involved. A major problem in Namibia is dust so bring along your cleaning equipment such as lens tissue, cleaning brush or fluid.
Sun block: Is essential as well as lip balm and moisturizer.
Batteries and Chargers: It is advisable to bring an extra battery for your electronic equipment such as digital camera as well as chargers and converters (at Keerweder Safaris 220V is used). By prior arrangement we will be able to provide a suitable converter.

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