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 Touring Namibia :  Coast

Central Namibia’s capital Windhoek boasts old German architecture that could convey a European feel whilst street vendors soon remind you that the location is indeed somewhere in Africa.

Moon Valley near Swakopmund in Namibia From central Namibia, Windhoek to the Coastal region of Namibia we enter one of the oldest deserts on earth. The Namib Desert consists of sand dunes, not bare and lifeless as one would think, river valleys that are linear oases, flat plains of rock and stone and mountains of granite or limestone. Hinterland, attractions such as desert-adapted plants, the Etosha National Park, Twyfelfontein with its rock engravings, Epupa falls and Himba settlements make this Safari very poplular.

As one of the largest national parks in Africa with Coverage of almost 50 000km² the Namib Naukluft National Park it is fascinating.

Quad Biking in the dunes near Swakopmund, Namibia Swakopmund is Namibia’s favoured holiday resort with its German heritage and tourist friendly atmosphere it is a sought after resort. Swakopmund offers a lot of activities attracting adventurous visitors. Free fall parachuting, fishing (deep sea and on shore), dune-bike riding, sand-boarding, boat excursions and lots more are some of the activities that makes sure that this delightful town will not bore you. 30 km from Swakopmund is Walvis Bay. This town has developed a lot recently both industrial and commercial and has the only deepwater harbour between Lüderitz and Namibia’s neighbouring country Angola making it a vital point. This area is a haven for birdwatchers including the famous flamingos and pelicans in and around the Walvis Bay lagoon.

Places to visit

Apart from all the activities in the dunes and in the air the coastal towns has a lot of excursions like:

Dune 7: One of the highest dunes in the area The Welwitchia drive has numbered beacons with points of interest. Part of this drive is the spectacular “moon landscape” or moon valley – a rolling area of rocky desert formed by the valleys around the course of the Swakop River.

The Swakop river delta: Great for birding Excursions into the desert – for a great experience see Cape Cross: This is one of the easiest seal colonies to reach. It is the colony of the Cape fur seal usually numbering 200 000 – 340 000 animals.

Boat trips along the coast of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay in Namibia Venturing to the long coast north of Swakopmund it is easy to see how it earned its name as the Coast of Skulls or Skeleton Coast. Strong currents forced many ships to the shifting underwater sandbanks causing many shipwrecks and hard times for sailors if they survived. The climate here is harsh and the area quite remote but nevertheless a spellbinding trip (Fly-in Safaris would be the preferred choice for visiting the Skeleton coast due to the distances one need to travel but also as part of the endeavor to be environmentally friendly to this area).

The Kaokoveld
Satisfied that our guests breathe deep breaths of fresh coastal air we now progress to one of Africa’s last wildernesses. It is Namibia’s lowest populated area but home to the famous desert elephants. Kaokoveld is split into two areas called Damaraland (in the south) and Kaokoland (in the north).

Damaraland is split into a northern and a southern part again due to the vast difference in the landscapes. Southern Damaraland has attractions like the cluster of mountains of the Spitzkoppe.

Brandberg with the famous “white lady” rock painting and a wealth of other Bushmen artifacts and rock paintings.

Twyfelfontein, Namibia Twyfelfontein
Attractions at Twyfelfontein is Vingerklip or rock finger – remains of ancient lava flow now largely eroded. Twyfelfontein Rock Art: Amongst rock art sites, Twyfelfontein is unusual in having both engravings and paintings. Organ Pipes: A small gorge consisting of dolerite columns in an unusual formation. The Burnt Mountain: When viewed in early morning or late afternoon the mountainside glows as if on fire. The Petrified Forest: Some trees are partially buried while others lay completely exposed Various rock-formations.

Northern Damaraland has huge concession areas and attracts tourists to its population of game and scenery.

Traditional Ovahimba ladies Kaokoveld is the land of the Himba, traditional pastoral people that rely on their cattle for livelihood. They are a minority group comprising of less than one percent of the population.

Epupa falls is also one of its highlights. Here at Epupa the river widens to show off a few small islands. The river makes a lot of noise and some spray that is remarkable in such an arid region.

Elephants crossing the road in Ethosha National Park, Namibia Waiting in anticipation as we make our routes through Namibia, surely the Great White Place called Etosha is where you are bound to take endless photographs. Etosha National Park is a game park pan of silvery white sand that invites you to explore at its numerous waterholes. Etosha has three rest camps that have recently been upgraded to luxurious accommodation facilities (and are mostly fully booked during high season so bookings are essential).

Waterberg Plateau Park Waterberg Plateau Park
The Waterberg Plateau Park’s position is elevated with considerable higher rainfall and dense tropical vegetation, therefore forming a stark contrast with Etosha. Proclaimed as a reserve in 1972 this plateau has since become a sanctuary for several rare animals including Eland and White Rhino. It is also well known for its long guided walking safari. With more than 200 bird species on record including the black eagle and Cape Vulture the park is diverse and will leave you in awe.

This explanation of Namibia was briefly touching upon the main attractions and could give you an idea of what is available. We are able to guide and assist in planning a trip according to your needs to make your holiday unique and one to cherish forever. You’ll find that the trouble with Africa is that it captures one in such a way that you’ll always want to return and discover new secrets.

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