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 Touring Namibia :  North-East

The north-eastern region of Namibia provide a complete change of scenery from the vast dunes of the Namib and Kalahari Deserts and the panoramic landscapes of the southern and western region.

The San (Bushmen) belonging to the Khoesan people is the earliest known inhabitants of Namibia. The main town of the San people, Tsumkwe, is situated east of Grootfontein. Renowned as great storytellers, the San express themselves in music, dance, prose and mimicry.

The Kavango and Caprivi strip
Relatively high summer rainfall have created a fertile wilderness of riverine forests, flood plains, swamps and open woodland in the Kavango and Caprivi regions. Several excellent lodges offers uninterrupted views of the river and riverine forests.

Implila Island at the confluence of the Zambezi and Chobe rivers offers excellent opportunities for tiger fishing and bird watching.

The Popa Falls: The river drops 2.5m over a rocky section to create rapids in the Okavango river.

The Caprivi strip links Namibia to Zimbabwe and Zambia but this strategic corridor of land seems somehow detached from the rest of the country and in many ways this part is more like the countries that surround it than like the rest of Namibia. Activities include tiger fishing, boat cruises and seeing some of Namibia’s prolific big game especially hippos, crocodile and elephant. From here the famous Victoria Falls is also accessible.

This explanation of Namibia was briefly touching upon the main attractions and could give you an idea of what is available. We are able to guide and assist in planning a trip according to your needs to make your holiday unique and one to cherish forever. You’ll find that the trouble with Africa is that it captures one in such a way that you’ll always want to return and discover new secrets.

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