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Exquisite plains game hunting under the Southern Cross...

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Keerweder Safaris is situated in a south-eastern direction from Windhoek, the main city of Namibia on the C23 road. The property is located less than two hours’ drive from Windhoek and only a one and a half hour drive from Hosea Kutako International Airport. The road to Keerweder Safaris is partly bitumen surfaced as well as a well-maintained gravel road.

GPS-coordinates S23 01" 22.8 E 18 05" 14.1



We offer our guests en-suite accommodation facilities, with sitting area and ample closet space for added comfort during your stay with Keerweder Safaris. Each suite has a picture window providing the beautiful view of the sunrise each day as well as the view of the waterhole in the distance, where wild game can often be spotted.

A private veranda, outdoor swimming pool are available to make your stay a pleasant one. The fire pit adds to the relaxation of each guest after a day of hunting.

Your bedroom suite is cleaned and serviced daily. Fresh linens and towels are provided. And yes, there is hot water for that welcome shower after a day of hunting. Laundry is cleaned and ironed daily.


Keerweder Safaris cuisine is delightful and varied and local specialties are worth sampling.

Fresh homemade meals are prepared daily, starting off with a hot and hearty breakfast each morning, a light lunch and traditional Namibian dinner - especially outdoor cooking that Namibians are known for. The traditional braaivleis (barbeque) is always popular. At Keerweder Safaris we would love for you to sample the varieties of game meat prepared in traditional Namibian fashion. Namibian beef and mutton is also free from harmful residues, hormones and antibiotics and absolutely delicious!

Namibia is well known for its local beer, brewed according to the traditional purity law. Neighboring country South Africa is the producer of outstanding red and white wines and most wines consumed in Namibia are mainly from South Africa ensuring great accompaniment to a meal!

We will accommodate any special dietary needs you may have. Please let us know in advance of your arrival of any special dietary restrictions, so that we may better serve you.

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