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It is certainly possible for non-hunters to have a wonderful time at Keerweder Safaris. For the non-hunters, or hunters who want to take a break from hunting, there are many other activities are available like:

  • Photography:  Since lighting conditions in Namibia are harsh it is advisable to fit your lenses with UV or haze filters
  • Sunbathing and cooling off in the swimming pool
  • Bird Watching:  Birding is a most rewarding educative and relaxing experience
  • Reading and Relaxing in Private in Namibia’s pollution-free, healthy and sparsely populated environment
  • Walking or Jogging
  • A city day tour to the nearest town and main city of Namibia, Windhoek.  This includes visits to the local markets selling crafts. Production of items such as woven baskets has created a vibrant and successful craft industry and a valuable source of income.  Baskets are generally made from the Makalani palm using the coil technique.  Namibia is the world renowned for top quality diamonds and also internationally known as a producer of a variety of other fine gemstones including one of Namibia’s most prized gemstone, Tourmalines.  Most common tourmalines are green but pink, red, blue and red tourmalines are also found even though scarcer.  Your day trip would also include visits to curio shops and jeweler stores.