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 Terms and Conditions

All enquiries, quotations or bookings made and/or all services rendered by or on behalf of Keerweder Safaris are subject to these terms and conditions (‘the Conditions’).

The Client

The person making such booking or to whom any service is rendered, is considered to have read, had explained to (where applicable), understand and accept the Conditions and to have the authority to comply (referred hereafter to ‘the Guest’).


Confirmation of the booking means that the Guest agree to comply with the instruction of Keerweder Safaris in terms of hunting conduct or any other restrictions that may be in place to ensure a safe and pleasant stay. The Guest indemnifies and holds harmless Keerweder Safaris against damages suffered and/or costs incurred by Keerweder Safaris and/or any third party as a result of a breach of this clause.

Special Requests

Special requests, must be indicated to Keerweder Safaris in writing. Keerweder Safaris, in turn, will use its best endeavours to accommodate such requests, and the client will be notified it some requests are not possible to meet.

Insurance Cover

Adequate insurance cover should be taken out by the Guest to cover for cancellation due to illness, accident or injury personal accident and personal liability, loss of or damage to baggage and hunting equipment. Keerweder Safaris will not be responsible or liable if the Guest fails to take adequate insurance cover.

Passports, Visas & Health

It is the Guest’s duty to ensure that all passports and visas are current, valid, obtained on time, and will be valid for six months after return to home country and that any vaccinations, inoculations, prophylactic (e.g. for malaria) and the like, where required, have been obtained.

Keerweder Safaris is a Malaria free area, but certain parts of Namibia have a high-risk of malaria and other tropical diseases. It is advisable to take the necessary precautions and that you check with your medical practitioner before departure. If you have not done so prior to departure, it is imperative you do so upon your return.

Law & Jurisdiction

Namibian law and the prerogative of the Namibian courts will govern the relationship between the Guest and Keerweder Safaris.


No amendment, cancellation or waiver of any term or right referred to herein shall be valid or binding unless reduced to writing and signed by both the Guest and Keerweder Safaris.

Force Majeure

Keerweder Safaris shall have the right to cancel any contract should its fulfilment be rendered impossible, impeded or other duly constituted authorities or any other cause beyond the control of Keerweder Safaris - Force Majeure.

Entire Contract

The Terms & Conditions constitute the terms of the relationship between the Guest and Keerweder Safaris. The Guest acknowledges that he/she has not relied on any matter or thing except for what has been supplied in writing by Keerweder Safaris.


Please note: Reference is made to a long standing service of the purchase of US Dollar denominated cheques and travellers cheques by local banks. The USD clearing bank (and for that matter all other US banks) gave notification that this service is no longer entertained by them thus discontinued with effect from 2013.
As a consequence of this development Keerweder Safaris no longer accept USD traveller’s cheques in settlement for services rendered.

The currency in Namibia is the Namibia Dollar (N$) that is fixed to the South African Rand. Foreign currency can be exchanged during normal banking hours at any of the commercial banks, which are well represented throughout the country. International VISA, Diners Club, American Express and MasterCard credit cards are generally accepted in all major towns around the country as well as Speed point and ATM facilities to assure efficient service.

Keerweder Safaris payment policy:

Acceptable methods of payment at Keerweder Safaris are: Electronic payment or cash in the currency of your choice (USD or EURO). Unfortunately Keerweder Safaris do not have facilities for use of credit cards. For electronic payments the international funds-transfer system SWIFT operates at commercial banks in Namibia.

A deposit confirms your booking (normally done by electronic transfer it takes at least 3 days to clear).

Thereafter 50% of the accommodation fees are payable 6 months ahead of time. No deposits will be refunded if client cancels the Safari within 6 months of the contracted starting date, unless the Safari can be re-booked. In all other instances, the deposit will be refunded less costs i.e. 20% administration costs and banking costs. The Safari must be paid in full upon completion of hunt (should you make use of the electronic payment method for final payment of your entire safari, clearance is required before your departure from Namibia)

Departing from Keerweder Safaris without settling your account is theft and regarded a criminal offense. Legal steps will be taken. All admin and tracing expenses will be charged to the Guest for such offences. When checking out, verify yourself that the invoice received is correct.

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