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 Touring Namibia

Photographic Safaris/Tours have become very popular over the years and a combination of hunting and touring is a possibility to consider when visiting Namibia. We at Keerweder Safaris have found that our clients welcomed the custom-made tours; therefore the development of the touring section of our business. We have already taken the non-hunting partners on tour while the hunters do what they love to do… to hunt.

Namibia boasts, amongst others, beautiful landscapes, a sunny climate, people diverse in culture and abundant wildlife. These attributes are admired and appreciated by its own people and visitors to our land of contrasts. With a population density of 1.7 people/km² (of the lowest in the world), the indescribable feeling of solitude attracts many a visitor to open spaces free of any sign of human life.

At Keerweder Safaris we found that there are factors that make visitors to our country hesitant to embark on their own travels – factors such as the distances between towns, the fact that Namibians drive on the left hand side of the road and that gravel roads make up a large part of the country. For this reason we at Keerweder Safaris are available to organize tailor-made tours around the country. We cater for the individual clients’ needs and assisted by a guide (normally ourselves) will take your group on the tour of your choice.

For quick glances on what Namibia has to offer please put your seatbelt on, sit back, relax and enjoy the virtual trip…

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